My work at Carleton College largely consists of changes and improvements to Reason, an extremely extensible CMS specifically designed for higher learning institutions. Reason is programmed in PHP and jQuery, and is open source.


Provides a nice UI for making JSON key-value pairs, with support for nesting and typing of values. Link.

I modified Denis Howlett's tableDnD plugin to allow tap-to-grab/tap-to-drop movement of table rows, making it mobile-accessible. Link.


I build and maintain an openSUSE liveCD with a preinstalled copy of Reason to make try-before-you-buy easier (though strictly speaking, Reason CMS is free, so you never really buy it…). Link


I built pebbleCase to bring all of the witty things I said on various social media together to one place. It grabs updates from twitter, facebook, bitbucket, and

I've stopped working on pebbleCase, but you can try it out yourself here.

Other stuff.

I saw mustachio and loved it, so I wrote a userscript that makes most of your facebook friends look hilarious. Get it here; greasemonkey is required.